Not selected

We are sorry to hear that you are not selected. The reason you may not be selected due to one or more reasons below :-

  1. You did not submit all details correctly, such as invalid names/ date of birth & other required details as per your passport.
  1. You wrote multiple post in applying post (ex : welder/ painter / carpenter — this is not acceptable)
  2. Not providing specific job position (ex : ANY Job / Suitable job — this is not acceptable)
  3. You might not be eligible for the position you applied.
  4. You supplied wrong CV and photographs
  5. Your CV / Resume was not updated
  6. Your CV did not match with the position you applied
  7. All the above information may be correct, however our client might not have selected. This decision is solely by client and our website does not have any influence upon it.

We do not guarantee job. It is competition based selection. Therefore if you are interested you can apply once again for one more try.