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(NOTE : This is the result of those candidate who had applied till 28th JUNE 2020.  For best view, please use computer / desktop instead of mobiles or tabs. Wait at least 2 – 5 minute to load this page properly)

Alfredo I Alcantara jr.[email protected]A/C Technician
Ohaeri Emmanuel Chukwuebuka[email protected]Account Assistant
Junilyn Jae Adlawan Abuyo[email protected]Account Assistant
Mohammad Faheem[email protected]Accountant
Saka Lateef Adebayo[email protected]Accountant
MUHAMMED ALAM[email protected]Accountant
Ogunleye Joseph Segun[email protected]Accountant
SIKANDAR ALI[email protected]Accountant
Nympha Moren[email protected]Accountant
Eufemia Cultivo[email protected]Accountant
Rajesh. Satishkumar. Bhavsar[email protected]Accounting Clerk
Abdurrahman Muhammad Musa[email protected]Accounting Clerk
Munoda Gumunyu[email protected]Accounting Clerk
AHMID ELIAS SEMAN[email protected]Accounting Clerk
Jovelyn Doyugan[email protected]Accounting Clerk
Fadairo Oluwasesan Dipe[email protected]Accounting Clerk
Darlene Dechavez[email protected]Accounting Clerk
MD. Ismail Hossain[email protected]Accounting Clerk
SATNAM[email protected]ACCOUTANT
SHIJI U PILLAI[email protected]Admin Assistant
Coleen Faye Manila Ilano[email protected]Admin Clerk
Rizwan Ali[email protected]Administration
Bismark Asamoah[email protected]Administrative Assistant
Asif ali[email protected]Air craft cleaner
Ronald Dave Mauricio Paner[email protected]Aircraft Cleaner
Shaik Imran Basha[email protected]Aircraft Cleaner
GEORGE KIMANI WANJIKU[email protected]Aircraft cleaner
Asif Shaikh[email protected]Airport Crew Driver
Fahad va[email protected]Airport customer service representatives
Simeon Loyce Chioma[email protected]Airport Customer Service Rept
Noel Britto[email protected]Airport Customer Service Rept
Jignesh choudhary[email protected]Airport Operation Assistant
Ibrahim Ibrahim Rezk Hassan Hokam[email protected]Apple farm worker
HARJIT SINGH[email protected]apple farm worker
Santosh Sahu[email protected]Apple Farm worker
Jam Esau Wam[email protected]Assistant Accountant
Maneesha[email protected]Assistant Accountant
Deepak Pandey[email protected]Assistant Accountant
Lilian Mmitsi Luvutse[email protected]Assistant Administrator
[email protected][email protected]Assistant cook
RAYMUND CAMUS[email protected]Asst.Packing Helper/Factory Helper
Haider Ali[email protected]Baggage checker
Abdul Mukhthar C P[email protected]BAGGAGE CHECKER
Magnim Kessei[email protected]Baggage Checker
Javaid Iqbal[email protected]Baggage handler
Abul Khair Abdul Malek[email protected]Biscuit packer
Ronie R. Rosqueta[email protected]Biscuit Packer
Rex Verdad[email protected]Biscuit Packer
Joshua Bobby Pakpahan[email protected]Bottle Line
[email protected][email protected]Buldind electrician
Senarath mohottilage Shavinda Dananjaya[email protected]Cabin cleaner
Jerson T. Barrios[email protected]Call Center Agent
Karen Dahl Roa[email protected]Call Center Agent
Gourav Malhotra[email protected]Call Center Agent
MOHAMMED AKMAL KHAN[email protected]Call Center Agent
Fathima Shameena Ousman Khan[email protected]Call Center Agents
ESTHER NEKESA[email protected]Call centre agent
MOHAMMED MOHSIN ALI[email protected]Campboss
Eva Osorio Hervas[email protected]Factory Worker
Abdullah Jalloh[email protected]Car Wash
Elhadj Moricire Kallo[email protected]Car Wash
Samuel abety[email protected]car washer
Mustapha Sheriff[email protected]Car Washer
ODEJIDE OLUWAGBENGA SAMSON[email protected]Caregiver
Editha Genson[email protected]caregiver
EDWINA AKETCH[email protected]Caregiver
Jinger Berdos[email protected]CAREGIVER
Surya bahadur rai[email protected]Cargo loader
Harish Kamble[email protected]Cashier
Hariharan Veeramani[email protected]Cashier
Raychele Mae C. Pigao[email protected]Cashier
Genie Vabe Hallazgo[email protected]cashier
John Karlo Portez[email protected]Cashier
Karolynne Anne Gonzales[email protected]Cashier
Jessica Mae Santos Malinao[email protected]Cashier
Yayuh Mildred ebue[email protected]Cashier
ROMEO JR MARQUEZ TAGAO[email protected]Cashier
Ruciel Singuay Arbues[email protected]Cashier
Ritchel A. Gumela[email protected]Cashier
Rudwin Ortez Solera[email protected]cashier
Mylene Darilag Carbonell[email protected]Cashier
Aqeel Raza[email protected]Cashier
Abdallah Naguib Abdallah[email protected]cashier
Cyrell Cadiente Cambe[email protected]Cashier
Ibhazehikholor Daniel junior[email protected]Cashier
Mohammad Ahmed younes[email protected]Cashier
marlyn simangan[email protected]cashier
John Kamau nguo[email protected]CASHIER
Andrew Macharia[email protected]CASHIER
Safwan Vennekott[email protected]CASHIER
WAQAR AHMAD[email protected]CASHIER
Jaymelyn Maruzzo[email protected]CASHIER
Robin Edralin Dayday[email protected]CASHIER
Maricar Reantoco[email protected]CASHIER
judilyn japon[email protected]CASHIER
Hansika Thathsarani ranawaka[email protected]CASHIER
Mohammed Fasiyuddin[email protected]CCTV operator
Mark Jade Rosqueta[email protected]CCTV Operator
ANDREW MWESIGWA[email protected]CHEF
ANTONY JUMA MZEE[email protected]chef steward
Kadian Campbell[email protected]Chocolate Factory Worker
Marlon Pacion Alancado[email protected]Chocolate Factory Worker
Manikhandan p[email protected]Civil Engineer
Kapil Ranga[email protected]Civil Engineer
Talent Munyati[email protected]Cleaner
Kunanayagam Sharmilan[email protected]Cleaner
Akabwai Corcus[email protected]cleaner
Ferdi Febrian[email protected]Cleaner
Engr. Md. Altaf Hossain[email protected]Cleaner
Ganesh Dilip Kharat[email protected]Cleaner
JAMES KAMAU WANJA[email protected]cleaner
SAMA SAMADOU[email protected]Cleaner
Jeffrey P. Rellosa[email protected]Cleaner
Renalyn Gutierrez[email protected]cleaner
Athuman omung'ala Abubakar[email protected]Cleaner
Syed Muhammad Hassan Rafiq[email protected]Cleaner
Adelyn Adhiambo[email protected]Cleaner
Ismail Aboobaker Kaja[email protected]Cleaner
Akorede Musiliu Otukoya[email protected]Cleaner
Janniel anne sy[email protected]Cleaner
Md. Neyamot Hossain[email protected]Cleaner
Jomar Torentera[email protected]Cleaner
EVANS ADU GYAMFI[email protected]Cleaner
Athurugiriya Arachchilage Suraj Prasanga Athurugiriya[email protected]Cleaner
Sheena Marie R Piscos[email protected]Cleaner
Milka wambui waithira[email protected]Cleaner
Janine Imperial Elevado[email protected]Clerk
Natasha Javed[email protected]Commi Chef II
Lawrence Amofah Appau[email protected]Computer Operator
Bajjinki Raj Sudheer[email protected]Computer operator
Roderick Y. Deato[email protected]Computer Operator
Oliver Patrick C. Luzuriaga[email protected]Computer Operator
Wilson Talento Garcia[email protected]Computer Operator
Yediri Hari Krishna Reddy[email protected]Computer Operator
Kabirul Islam[email protected]computer operator
Fred Onyiro Ochieng[email protected]Computer Operator
EVANS TABU OSORE[email protected]Computer Operator
Deepak Chouhan[email protected]Construction helpers
Randy Flores Sollano[email protected]Construction Labour
Sajjeel Dilbar[email protected]Construction worker
Nwaobia Ebubechi[email protected]Construction worker
Dickson kitnasamy[email protected]Construction worker
Victor razo Valiente[email protected]l.comconstruction worker
Arjun Chhetri[email protected]Construction worker
Agapito jr duat ayag[email protected]Cook
Ranjit thapaliya[email protected]Cook
P K RAMESH PANICKER[email protected]COOK
Roy G. Cinconiegue[email protected]Cook
Mohammad Hasan Oli Ahmmad[email protected]Cook
Abdul alim Bhuiyan[email protected]Cook
Golton Roland obase[email protected]Cooks
mohammed zakariya el sebaey elwan[email protected]costumer service agent
Som Tshering Tamang[email protected]Counter Staff
Liwliwa Manuel[email protected]Customer Service Staff
Iyobosa Jeffrey Daniel[email protected]Dairy Farm Worker
Jefrey Ramirez[email protected]Dairy Farm Worker
Rochelle Payawal[email protected]Dairy Farm Worker
Orly T. Romanos[email protected]Dairy Farm Workers
Tahir Abbas[email protected]Data entry clerk
Syed Nazeer Hussain[email protected]Data Entry Clerk
MASUUMI JUMA[email protected]Data Entry Operator
Abdul Hannan Momin[email protected]Data Entry Operator
Larry Ayuda[email protected]DEMI CHEF DE PARTIE
Jeramie Mae iliw iliw[email protected]Domestic helper
Rahul Nath[email protected]Draftsman
Collins Otieno Were[email protected]Driver
mohammad omar mangal[email protected]Driver
Asif javed[email protected]Driver
ramesh panthi[email protected]Driver
Anandan chandrasekaran[email protected]Driver
Renato Legaspi Braza Jr[email protected]Driver
Ssensalire Samuel[email protected]Egg farm
Mark Anthony M. Villoso[email protected]Egg Farm worker
MOHAMMED SHABBIUL HAQUE[email protected]Electrical Supervisor
Aborbi-Tetteh Ebenezer[email protected]Electrical technician
Mohammed Ajas[email protected]Electrician
Jitendra sah[email protected]Electrician
Bibin Philip[email protected]Electrician
Zedagim Zewge Lemma[email protected]Electrician
THOMAS MATHEW MATHAI[email protected]Electrician
Vinaykumar Chhotubhai Patel[email protected]Electrician
SRUNGAVARAPU LAKSHMI NARAYANA[email protected]Electrician
Nathaniel Adatsi Kwame[email protected]Electrician
Orville S. Tawing[email protected]Electrician technician
Ricardo Obed Verbo[email protected]Electronic Technician
Kaba Emmanuel[email protected]Equipment packing
christian reyes[email protected]Executive Chef
FATAI OLAKUNLE OLADOSU[email protected]Factory Helper
Abdulrahman Abbas[email protected]Factory helper
Samuel Okello[email protected]Factory helper
NGONDA EMMANUELLA TAWAN[email protected]Factory helper
Dickson Owusu Gyamfi[email protected]Factory helper
MOHAMMAD TANVIR HOSSAIN[email protected]Factory line worker
Akumu Angella[email protected]Factory Supervisor
Jude Darlington Anyabuike[email protected]Factory supervisor
Ricky Latunio[email protected]Factory Supervisor
Manesh Kumar Konduru[email protected]Factory supervisor
Sayed Azam[email protected]Factory supervisor
Christine anne ga gabayeron[email protected]Factory Supervisor
Angelita Angeles Garcia[email protected]Factory Woker
Geoffrey Ngetich[email protected]Factory Woker
Micheal Segun Ibude[email protected]Factory Woker
Maria dela Paz gonzales[email protected]Factory Woker
Handsome Worgu[email protected]Factory Woker
Pippa Smith[email protected]Factory Woker
Erasmus Madziva[email protected]Factory Woker
Niguse Belay[email protected]factory worker
Adeniyi Akanni Alayaki[email protected]Factory worker
Dinalyn Maila[email protected]Factory Worker
RUEL TARUC SUMALINOG[email protected]factory worker
Gomathi thangaraj[email protected]Factory worker
Emmanuel Nyampong-Brafo[email protected]Factory Worker
Solomon Ansahsolomona[email protected]Factory Worker
Ferdierick John Cruz[email protected]FACTORY WORKER
Kimie Beathrize C. Lareza[email protected]FACTORY WORKER
Al Fernando Sagie[email protected]FACTORY WORKER
Tonouewa Abiodoun Gauthier[email protected]Factory worker
Roshan Frady Albecket[email protected]Factory worker
Danya Horlali Justice[email protected]factory worker
Md.Alamgir[email protected]Factory worker
Abdelkarim hassan[email protected]Factory worker
Everlette Ongotan perez[email protected]Factory worker
Waldy Rebutar[email protected]Factory worker
Arianne Trube[email protected]Factory worker
Solomon Agyare[email protected]Factory Worker
Favour Uchechi Igbe[email protected]Factory Worker
Brian Ado Canoy[email protected]Factory Worker
Paulino lll Doctor Calzada[email protected]Factory Worker
Benedicta Ezinne Amakom[email protected]Factory Worker
Sanaul Hoque Firoz[email protected]Factory Worker
Frank Kenneth Llarena Burac[email protected]Factory Worker
Dominador Jr, Salazar[email protected]Factory Worker
Emmanuel Adres[email protected]Factory Worker
Glenson Bongolan[email protected]Factory Worker
SUKHWINDER SINGH[email protected]Factory Worker
Regina Mueke Kisome[email protected]Family Caregiver
Bashiru Seidu[email protected]Farm worker
Akindojutimi Kehinde Bankole[email protected]Farm worker
Samuel Chibuisi Samuel[email protected]Farm worker
Arlene Jane Quilit[email protected]Farm worker
Virginia Bala[email protected]Farm worker
John Gatero wambui[email protected]Farm worker
Mulindwa Bonny[email protected]Farm worker
Michelle Adem[email protected]Farm worker
Michael Inocencio[email protected]Farm worker
Md Mazharul Alam[email protected]Farm worker
vaseem vora[email protected]Farm worker
R MANIKANDAN[email protected]Farm worker
Nnam Godwin kanayo[email protected]Fish and meat packer
dennis takyi[email protected]fish packer
Muhammad Faraz[email protected]Fleet Assistant
Madhurendra kumar patel[email protected]Floor supervisor
Olivier Uhirwa[email protected]Food and Fruit picker
Inderdeep Singh[email protected]Food and Fruits Packer
Kanan Ratan Sraman[email protected]Food Packer
Sittie Nihaya S. Radia[email protected]Food Packer
Philip John Ocena[email protected]Food Packer
Tokpa Bamba[email protected]Food packing helper
thomaschacko[email protected]FOOD SERVER
Asheef Barudwalle[email protected]Food service attendance
Kenricia Georges[email protected]Food Service Attendant
Ani chibuike Abraham[email protected]Food service attendant
Tifang Melvis Tembock[email protected]Food service attendant
Nacpil, Jansen Manuel[email protected]Food service attendant
NANA MERLIN WEPANJI[email protected]Food service attendants
Dinesh Prasad Dahal[email protected]Food Service Attendants
Charlene E. Gandal[email protected]Food Service Attendants
Akila Pacalna Diamel[email protected]Forklift Operator
Thomas Arockiam[email protected]Forklift operator
WILLIAM JAPHET PANDE[email protected]Forklift Operator
Goldwin Aranas Ilagan[email protected]Forklift Operator
Agim Lika[email protected]Front Desk Clerk
Charesse Cuales[email protected]Front Desk Clerk
Princess Benz Damo Astapan[email protected]Front Desk Clerk
Emmanuel Bangoto Essei[email protected]Front Desk Clerk
Catherine Alonzo Ababon[email protected]Front Desk Clerk
Ronald Elmido Aynaga[email protected]Front Desk Clerk
Muhammad Mursaleen[email protected]Front Desk Clerk
Lekshmi Padmanabha Iyer Komalam[email protected]Front Desk Clerk
Mohammad Saju[email protected]Front Desk Clerk
Teresiah Murugi Kimani[email protected]Front Desk Clerk
Yearly Paulino[email protected]Fruit /food packer
Kehinde Martin Ogunji[email protected]Fruit loader
Bhaskar Ghosh[email protected]Fruit packar
Marynor Grace Paner[email protected]Fruit packer
Nakiganda justine[email protected]Fruit packer
Robert Kamugisha[email protected]Fruit packer
KANNAN MANIVEL[email protected]Fruit packer
Francis Chepkorot[email protected]Fruit packer
Emmanuel Amuzu[email protected]Fruit packing
Simo fokoueu Idriss[email protected]fruit packing helper
Lane G. Claud[email protected]FRUIT PICKER
Amy Mawac. Cortez[email protected]Fruit picker
Oscar badminton mensah[email protected]fruit picker
Annie arnius[email protected]fruits loader
Aamer Sharief[email protected]Fruits loader
M.f.Fayaz Mohamed[email protected]Fruits picker
Yanesha Golding[email protected]Fruits picker
Romelyn B. Valencia[email protected]Fruits picker
Tulasi Pariyar[email protected]Gardener
abdrhman rashed[email protected]general cleaner
AKTER TAHMIDA[email protected]General cleaner
Arlene S. David[email protected]General cleaner
bartolome genielyn[email protected]General cleaner
Yacouba Berete[email protected]General Cleaning
victor taurayi muzungu[email protected]general helper
Charles kahuria nyakinyua[email protected]General helper
Sarfaraz Nawaz[email protected]General Helper
Tarique Hussain[email protected]General Helper
Muhammad Asif[email protected]General Helper
REYSON BALUS[email protected]General Worker
Rhodora Rendon[email protected]Grapes farm worker
ABDUL CADER MOHAMED SIYAS[email protected]Grapes Farm worker
MD ALI AKBOR[email protected]Grapes Farm Worker
Tauseef Ahmad[email protected]Graphic Designer
Aweis Rashid Hamad[email protected]Helper
Pawan Kumar[email protected]Helper
Lamin Patrick. Kamara[email protected]Helper
Joshua Mashaka Haridi[email protected]Helper
Gifty Kyeraa[email protected]Helper
L.L.SARATH KUMARA[email protected]Helper
Adewusi Comfort[email protected]Hospital Cleaner
Godknows Zinyanduko[email protected]Hospital Cleaner
Biplab Kanti Nath[email protected]Hotel cleaner
pili kaingu mlewa[email protected]hotel cleaner
Clarice kaingu[email protected]hotel cleaner
Jegede kofoworola bosede[email protected]house keeper
Chona N. Requierme[email protected]house keeper
Suresh.ramachandra.panicker[email protected]house keeper
Mohamed hajzab saleem[email protected]house keeper
Bhavikkumar Lad[email protected]Housekeeping supervisor
Muhammad Atiar Rahman[email protected]Housekeeping Supervisor
Elsa Portillo Macanas[email protected]Housemaid/Nanny
SHAIKH DULARA[email protected]HVAC Supervisor
Hayford Djilan[email protected]IT Deparment + Inventory
Satish Kumar[email protected]IT Deparment + Inventory
Timothy Emong[email protected]IT Department + Inventory
Yacoub Mahamat Adoum[email protected]IT Specialist
Sahaya James Durairaj Antonyraj[email protected]Labourer job
Swamy suresh mani[email protected]Light driver
Richard Esteban Imperial[email protected]Light Driver
wilson unos dulatre[email protected]Light Driver
David Muriithi[email protected]light vehicle driver
Ladisouls Matsikah[email protected]Light vehicle driver
Rohan saldanna[email protected]Line worker
Samir Satish Didhe[email protected]Line Workers
RUSSELL BORBE[email protected]Line Workers
Anthony mwangi wairima[email protected]Loader and packaging in agriculture Field
Kakooza Paul[email protected]Loading Labour (Fresher)
Jerald C. Echon[email protected]Machine operator
Manathunga Arachchige Shashi Chamara Muthunayaka[email protected]Maid & Housekeeping Cleaners
John Erwin Denuevo[email protected]Maintenace technician
Muhammad Tofique[email protected]Maintenance Technician
aeimy dissanayake[email protected]mall supervisor
Sameer Hussein Awad[email protected]Market Supervisor
Nemelyn Gardoce[email protected]Massage therapists
Syed Nouman[email protected]Meat packer
Olivier NDAKIRIYE[email protected]Mechanical supervisor
ashish satish rupchandani[email protected]mechanical supervisor
Mohamed ibrahim S[email protected]Mechanical supervisor
Temitope Olarewaju Omosebi[email protected]Medical staff
Ramesh Pilli[email protected]Medical Staff
Sanjana Prusty[email protected]Medical Staff
Saje Thankachan[email protected]Office Incharge
Abraham A. Kamara[email protected]Office Boy
Mohammad Aslam Ansari[email protected]Office Boy
Fortunato Barredo Franco Jr.[email protected]Office Boy
Chukwuebuka Michael Ndubuisi[email protected]Office Boy
Abubakarr A. Turay[email protected]Office Boy
Sunil Karna[email protected]Office clerk
Ma. Josephine F. Maloloy-on[email protected]Office Girl
Md Ashiq Chowdhury[email protected]Office In charge
Deepak Navnath Navnath Ingale[email protected]Office in charge
Priyanka Rajan Koli[email protected]Office in charge
Evelyn Mulenga[email protected]Office in charge
Ada Genessa Sarra[email protected]Office incharge
W. L. ASANKA MADUPANI WICKRAMAARACHCHI[email protected]Office Incharge
Emmanuel Mathew Gabor[email protected]Office Incharge
Atif Iqbal[email protected]office incharge
Washiela Adams[email protected]Office Incharge
Muhammad Attique[email protected]Office Incharge
SABARIGIRl RAJASEKARAN[email protected]Office incharge
Danish Ahmad[email protected]Office Incharge
HARIF MOHAMMED IBRAHIM[email protected]Office Incharge
Neil Dorongon[email protected]Officer
Marichu Amores[email protected]Officer
syed ahsan shah[email protected]Officer
KHURRAM SHEHZAD[email protected]Order picker
Soukhya[email protected]Order picker
Al Mamun[email protected]Order Picker
DAVID MACHOKA[email protected]Order Picker
Shoneyin Akintunde Segun[email protected]order picker
Roy Ajang[email protected]order picker
Abdul kadir ibrahim[email protected]Order picker
Arun C balan[email protected]ORDER PICKER
Clifton Jake Menor[email protected]ORDER PICKER
agha waleed mumtaz khan[email protected]ORDER PICKER
Ariyo Sodiq Olawale[email protected]Packing helper
Asif Amjad[email protected]Packing Helper
Nura Aktar Ratna[email protected]Packing Helper
EMMANUEL LEBON SOB FOSSO WAFFO[email protected]packing helper
Robbin machuru Ondieki[email protected]Packing helper
Mutebi Richard[email protected]Packing helper
Mohamed Saudi El deshou[email protected]Packing helper
Chukwuebuka Augustine Ezegwu[email protected]Parker
Same ullah[email protected]petrol station staff
MUHAMMAD AKHTAR[email protected]Petrol Station Staff
ADEFISAYO ADENIYI FAGBEMI[email protected]Petrol Station Staff
Mohamad Setiawan[email protected]Petrol Station Staff
Bethuel Calvin Mkhonza[email protected]Pig farm worker
Jason L. Balbin[email protected]Production Worker
Louie Martin Aquino[email protected]Quality Engineer
Eugene Bulay Yarcia[email protected]Ramp attendant
Feven tekle[email protected]Receptionist
Ruth Takyi[email protected]receptionist
Sherwin B. Abejuela[email protected]Receptionist
Angeli Estioko[email protected]Receptionist
Dipendra Karki[email protected]RETAIL CASHIER
Mialee Cruz Perreras[email protected]RETAIL CASHIER
shyam R G Nair[email protected]Room Attendant
saneesh cg[email protected]Room attendant
Deepak saraswat[email protected]Room attendant
Nasir mehmood[email protected]Safety officer
Sayyed Afsar Abrar[email protected]Safety Officer
Abdulmuin A. Hajal[email protected]Safety Officer
Talifuna Innocent[email protected]Sales executive
Aman akhter[email protected]Sales executive
Ada Rachael Ikechukwu[email protected]Sales girl
Den Rose Serrano[email protected]Sales girls
Asia Shaukat[email protected]Sales staff
kaycel ann p. mendiola[email protected]salesman
Arthur Wenci M. Corpuz[email protected]Salesman
shafiqul Islamshafiqbhuiyan7[email protected]salesman
darshan lal[email protected]salesman
Hilal ahmad mir[email protected]SALESMAN
Chukwuma Nkata Onwuka[email protected]Salesman
Akouto Adjawlo[email protected]Secretary
JEFFREY TATAD[email protected]Secretary Receptionist
Mark Joseph Tatad[email protected]Secretary Receptionist
Reshma M[email protected]Secretary
Jay Licauan Maltu[email protected]Section In Charge
Abubakar Athman Ali[email protected]Security Guard
Shabeer Ibrahim[email protected]Security Guard
Muhammad Zahid Akram[email protected]Security Guard
Mukisa Ronald[email protected]Security guard
K.Ravi Kanth[email protected]Security Guard
Nuwagaba Michael[email protected]Security guard
Muhammad Anis[email protected]Security guard
Nona Jeenath Ahmeer[email protected]Security Guard
Elvis kaingu mlewa[email protected]security guard
Ankush sharma[email protected]Security guard
Kamaldeep[email protected]Security guard
Ian Dominic Calandria[email protected]Security guard
somkimsour[email protected]Security Guard
Md sk rasal[email protected]Security Guard
hashim muiruri[email protected]Security guard
ONITIRI KUSIMO HABEEB[email protected]Security officer
Irfan Khan[email protected]Security supervisor
Pawe? Banik[email protected]Shoe Factory Workers
Arbaaz sabbir shaikh[email protected]Shoes factory worker
reinalyn rozol[email protected]Site Supervisor
Harish kumar[email protected]Store assistance incharge
Melchor Maghinay Sinoy[email protected]Store Assistant
kafeel akhtar[email protected]Store Assistant
Sarfaraz Ahmad[email protected]Store keeper
Faruk Ahammad[email protected]Store Keeper
Adewusi Olatunbosun Lanre[email protected]Store Keeper
Nyuydzi Clinton Achu[email protected]Store keeper
Rizwan Ullah[email protected]Store Keeper
Jameel Khan[email protected]Store keeper
Tony Ssemwogerere[email protected]Store keeper
Johnson Adindu Akwuagu[email protected]Store Keeper
Aly Tenguiano[email protected]Store keeper
Perez Frimpong[email protected]Store keeper
ANTHONY MWANIKI MURAGE[email protected]Store picker
JOHN KAMAU NJERU[email protected]Store picker
Adebisi Azeez Akinade[email protected]Store picker
John Ochieng[email protected]storekeeper
Firos Lal A K[email protected]Storekeeper
Isaac Bonney[email protected]Storekeeper
Gyanesh[email protected]Storekeeper
ZAYAD FAZAL NISSAR[email protected]Storekeeper
Dambar Bahadur Bishwokarma[email protected]Storekeeper
MAWULI ISAAC[email protected]Storekeeper
Najad Ali Pt[email protected]Storekeeper
Neaz Mahmud Mozumder[email protected]Storekeeper
Victor B. Amoroso[email protected]Storekeeper
Rajesha Kookra Shetty[email protected]STOREKEEPER
Grey Macheso[email protected]Store Clerk
Francis Asther John[email protected]Supermarket salesman
S.NIRANTHA[email protected]Supervisor
M M G Faisal[email protected]Supervisor
Domingo Bato Busto Jr.[email protected]Supervisor
Mumtaz[email protected]Supervisor
peter haji wambua[email protected]supervisor
Sherlon Masculino Adrales[email protected]Supervisor
Benito Santos[email protected]supervisor
Muhammad Hammad Butt[email protected]Supervisor
Brenda Alvaran[email protected]Supervisor
Reghu Murugesan[email protected]SUPERVISOR
Md. Mohiuddin Jahangir[email protected]SUPERVISOR
Joebert Oscianas[email protected]SUPERVISOR
Muhammad Wahab Ali[email protected]SUPERVISOR
santosh chatterjee[email protected]SUPERVISOR
Asif Gulzar Phillip[email protected]Taxi Driver
Sherin azeez[email protected]Taxi Driver
Sufyan Ahmed[email protected]Taxi Driver
Tukhtasinov Mansurkhuja[email protected]Taxi Driver
Elie DUNIA LUKONGE[email protected]Taxi Driver
Md Zafar[email protected]Taxi Driver
Alamin Hossin[email protected]Tea Boy
Rohan prabhu[email protected]Team member
Cristina Malinay[email protected]Time keeper
Said Hasnaoui[email protected]Tomato farm supervisor
Sameer Safi[email protected]Tomato picker
Arwin Tumulak[email protected]Trolley Boy
LAWRENCE MWAMAYA PANDE[email protected]Van Driver
Roderick Robenta[email protected]Van Driver
Gerry C. Tumbaga[email protected]Vegetable Farm Worker
derick chirenje[email protected]Vegetable Farm Worker
MOHAMMAD ABDULLAH RIAZ[email protected]Vegetable picking
Moses Thirugnanam[email protected]Waiter
Adil Manan[email protected]Waiter
Tumalapalli Sreekanth[email protected]Waiter
Zin April Tun[email protected]Waiter
Musa baig[email protected]Waiter
Ndugwa shafiki[email protected]Waiter
Sivaramakrishnan[email protected]Waiter
Nsereko wilber[email protected]Waiter
Branton Lule[email protected]Waiter
Tiglao, Mark Kevin Lising[email protected]Waiter
Ma. Diana Cinconiegue[email protected]Waiterss
Jacquelyn Puntil[email protected]Waitress
Thuy Tien Le Thi[email protected]Waitress
Thomas yeboah[email protected]ware house assistant
KENNEDY ABRAHAM[email protected]warehouse assistant
Salman Khalid[email protected]Warehouse Coordinator
Jiwan Rai[email protected]Warehouse Worker
suresh kumar mahi[email protected]Watchman
Bijendra Shrestha[email protected]Watchman
John Michael akut[email protected]Watchman
DONATUS TERVER AYUUSU[email protected]Welding Worker
Md Mizanur Rohaman Sohel[email protected]Worker

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