Job vacancies at Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co UAE,Kuwait,Qatar

Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd is a south Korean based private construction company and Hyundai Engineering and Construction company is one of the major Engineering and Construction company in south Korea and middle east. Hyundai Engineering and Construction company was established in 1947 and Hyundai Construction and Hyundai Engineering company was merged in 1999. The company operation was expanding in Middle East in the 1970s and 1980s. Hyundai signed their first contract in the middle east region for construction of a Iranian Navy shipyard,(Bandar-e Abbas) and More than 800,000 Koreans went to work in Saudi Arabia and another 25,000 went to Iran and Hyundai was their largest employer. In recently Hyundai Group was split into several entities. Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company currently looking for well qualified professionals and employees in different field in different region. Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company providing competitive salary and other lot of benefits, available job vacancies and other more details are following below……

Job title and location

United Arab emirates

Grader Operators,

Fire Fighters,

HSE Supervisors,

HSE Supervisors,

Heavy Crane Operators,

Rigging Foremen,

Dozer Operators,

Concrete Pump Car Operators,

Hydro Crane Operators,

Cargo Crane Truck Operators,

QA / QC Civil Engineers,

Marine Transport Coordinators,

Security Guards,

Fire Fighters,

Civil Supervisors,

ICE Plant Operators ,

Light Vehicle Drivers,

Architectural Engineers,

Heavy Drivers,

Crawler Backhoe Operators,

Light Vehicle Drivers,

Large Bus Drivers,,

QA / QC Instrument Engineers,

Material Staff,

Document Clerks,


Overhead Crane Operators,

Electrical Commissioning Technicians,

Electrical Commissioning Foremen,

Concrete Pump Car Operators,

Cargo Crane Truck Operators,

Heavy Equipment Under Chassis Mechanics,

HSE Officers,

Light Vehicle Drivers,

Grader Operators ,

Tractor / Divers ,

Maintenance Truck Technicians,

Tile Setters,


Senior Electrical Engineers,

Civil Project Control Engineers / Cost Control Engineer (Manpower),

Civil Project Control Engineers,

Document Control Staffs,

Survey Managers,

Fuel Truck Operators / Drivers ,

Dump Truck Operators / Drivers,

Water Truck Operators / Drivers,

Backhoe (Excavator) Operators / Drivers,

Senior HVAC Engineers,

Finishing Carpenters,

Building Painters,

Plumbers ,

Building Electricians,

AC Technicians,

Grader Operators / Drivers,

JCB Operators,

Heavy Drivers,


Junior Planner Engineers,

Senior Electrical Engineers

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