Interview Form for January


Fill this form only if your name is on result list. Before you fill the online form below, please read the following notes very carefully. This interview form will be available only till 5th February.

  1. Write your own answers. Donot copy from google or any search engine
  2. Donot leave any area blank. If left blank, application will be rejected.
  3. Fill only once. On Selected Job, write the same job which is on the result sheet. If you write any other job position which is not matching on result, form will be rejected.
  4. Answers should be atleast 50 words. Less than that is not accepted.
  5. Educational certificate can be only higher level education document is enough. Suppose you have completed Graduation (Bachelor’s Degree) then no need upload school level etcs. Only Graduation certificate will be enough.
  6. For any other documents, please scan and make it one. Suppose you have 5 experience certificates, then scan all and join them in one. Fill it then.
  7. If you are facing problem due to server busy, then please try later. Usually during peak hour server may be busy. We recommend you to use desktop computers.
  8. Any question, please message us on our facebook page, clarify then only fill it if you are not sure. Filling Twice can result in rejection.

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